At KANTO ELECTRONIC CHEMICALS MALAYSIA, we strive to achieve customer satisfaction by supplying the Highest Quality Products, at a Value Price and swiftly to your hands.

KANTO has an extensive experience in high purity chemical research and development, where we offer our commercialised product in many different market and technology areas. Kanto has led the process chemical industry in research and development investment, which has resulted in unmatched product purity and technical expertise. As a pioneer in the field, you can count on Kanto in providing you with the best-engineered materials for manufacturing or research. All our products are manufactured under strict quality control programs that meet ISO 9000,9002 and 14001 standards. Customers in various disciplines worldwide entrust our guaranteed quality product.

We face the horizon with greater expectations and challenges. Our policy is to continue to contribute to both our scientific technology for our global society to overcome and solve their challenges