As a forerunner for Electronic Chemical Industry worldwide Kanto Chemical Co., Inc. has been continuously developing new functional chemicals for Electronic Industry.

From our early days in the 1960’s, we at Kanto Chemical have been keeping track of customers’ targets by producing ultra pure chemicals. All our special functional chemicals are created with our profound know-how in this industry and our abundant experience on safety and environmental awareness.

These days, Modern Electronic Industry applies a variety of etchants, resist strippers and cleaning solutions to the manufacturing processes for Semiconductors Wafer Fabrication, FPD (Flat Panel Display), Hard Disk and Solar Panel Manufacturing. Kanto Chemical always strives to develop and manufacture exceptionally sophisticated chemicals to function at the extremely delicate stages of these productions.

We at Kanto Chemical enjoy the reputation of being a leading supplier and certainly endeavor to further pave the way in the global electronics-chemical industry by ensuring excellent performance and stable quality for products.

At KANTO we believe in working together with our customers.

Below are some of the main items used in the Electronic Industry: