Cleaning Solution for Crystalline Silicon

Frontier Cleaner series

Capable of removing particles and metal impurities simultaneously.
Little reattachment of metal impurities from cleaner.
Reduction of cleaning process.
Dilution availability leads to excellent cost performance.

  • Cleaning Solution : Frontier Cleaner A-02, (diluted by 30 multi. times), SC-1
  • Cleaning condition : Dipping, Room Temperature, 3 min

  • Cleaning performance for particles

Organic alkalis based cleaning solution for semiconductor manufacturing process.
Not containing alkali metal.


CMP-M series/CMP-B seriesPost-CMP Cleaning Solution

No chemical damage to metal and dielectric materials.
Removal of various contamination from wafer surface (slurry abrasives, organic residues) during pCMP cleaning.

Cleaning performance for particles
  • Wafer: Cu/Si wafers
  • Process method : Cu CMP –> barrier metal CMP –> cleaning –> drying {F-REX300S II (EBARA)}
  • Cleaning solution : CMP-B201,B202 (diluted by 100 multi times)


Cleaning performance for metal impurities
  • Wafer: Na-Ox/Si wafers
  • Cleaning condition : Dipping, 25°C, 3min
  • Cleaning solution : CMP-B201, B202 (diluted by 100 multi times)


Ru Remover


Capable of swiftly etching Ru film under low temperature.
Its long bath life contributes to cost saving.
Possible to remove Ru oxide at the same time.

Organic EL Materials Cleaning Solution

OEL Clean series

Excellence of easily removing low molecular Organic EL materials on the metal mask.

* HFE : Hydrofluoroether

Glass Substrate Cleaning Solutions

CLEA series

CLEA series is superior for removing organic residue and particle on the glass substrate.
Foaming is low and defoaming is high.
Have a low BOD, COD and environmental-friendly.