Etchant for Au

AURUM series, etchant for Au and Pd has high wetness performance to create excellent pattern in the process of forming bump and wiring.

AURUM-302 Bath life

AURUM-302 Wetness performance

AURUM-501 Post Etching pattern profile
  • Etchant : AURUM-501
  • Etching condition : Stirring, 25°C
  • Wafer : Stacked Au/Ni film


Etchant for Transparent Conductive Film

Etchant for transparent conductive film which best suits fine patterning of ITO/IZO pixel electrode in FPD fabrication process.
Excellent removal performance of residue at the time of etching.


Etchant for Stacked Film

Capable of etching stacked metal film at the same time.

Post etching pattern profile
  • Etchant : KSMF-240
  • Etching condition : Stirring, 40°C, Just etching time x 1.5

  • Etchant : KSMF-100
  • Etching condition : Stirring, 40°C, Just etching time x 1.2


Etchant for Ag and Ag alloy

Suitable for Ag wiring and reflector of Touch panel , LCD and OLED.
SEA-5:Suitable for etching heat-resisting Ag alloy.

Etching residue removal performance and pattern profile
  • Etchant : SEA-2
  • Etching condition : Stirring, 30°C, just etching time x 2

Etchant for Ag nanowire

Capable of etching Ag nanowire transparent conductive film.


Etchant for Cu

Etchant for Cu thin film.

Post etching pattern profile
  • Etchant : Cu-03
  • Etching condition : Stirring, Room temperature, Just etching time x 2


Etchant for Al

Capable of effective in fine patterning.
Available as Mo etchant as well.


Etchant for Cr

Best suits etching Cr thin film of photomask, quartz unit, surface acoustic wave filter etc. in fabrication process.


Etchant for Si

Alkali etchant for crystalline silicon.
Capable of inhibiting Fe,Ni and Cu impurities adsorption on the Si wafer.