Post Ashing Residue Remover for Cu/low-k Process

  • DeerClean-LK series is polymer remover highly recommendable for the single wafer cleaning method.
  • Capable of removing post ashing residue within short time under low temperature after ashing without chemical attack on Cu and low-k film.
Residual removal performance
  • Cleaning Solution : DeerClean-LK3
  • Cleaning Condition : Dipping, 25°C, 3 min
  • Wafer : Via hole patterned wafer


Post Ashing Residue Removers for Al Process

JELK Series

  • Excellent removal performance of organic subtances and metal residues.
  • Capable of inhibiting damage to metals such as Al-Cu,Cu,W,Ti,TiN,Ni etc.
  • Capable of removing post ion-implanted resist and dry film resist.
Residue removal performance
  • Cleaning Solution : JELK-101
  • Cleaning condition : Dipping, 60°C, 10~30 min
  • Wafer : Al line (TiN/Al-Cu/TiN/TEOS/Si)


SWPR series

  • Capable of removing post ashing residue.
  • No chemical damage to Al line and dielectric materials.
  • SWPR-200 series : Capable of removing positive resist.


DeerClean-SA series

  • Capable of removing post dry etching and ashing residue under low temperature in a short time.
  • Less chemical damage to various metals including Al and dielectric materials.

DeerClean-SA1 – Residue removal performance

DeerClean-SA3 Residue removal performance